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Please take some time to read about who we are and what we do.

Alpha Company at Phuoc Vinh.

There is a bond that links combat infantry soldiers together.  It is often invisible, or difficult to see at first glance, but it binds individuals together from a variety of backgrounds.  It was twisted together, purified through fire and formed in combat.  Not only linking battle brothers who served side by side, it stretches back through time and continues to be forged with every new generation of soldiers.

This bond is strong and unbreakable.

It is a steel thread that winds it’s way through the lives of combat veterans, today and throughout time!

The Steel Thread Projects is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation which aims to create a digital collection of pictures, interviews, personal records, personal letters, US Army records and other memorabilia related to the 187th Infantry Regiment, starting with the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment in the Vietnam War.  The project was founded by a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who found a great deal of understanding and healing in meeting with other veterans, their families and hearing their stories.
We were formed in 2021 and are governed by a Board of Directors.  To contact us, please email us at

Bravo Company at Phuoc Vinh



The mission of The Steel Thread Project is to research and chronical the history of 187th Infantry Regiment and document the stories of the veterans and their families.



Create a welcoming and dynamic organization that engages veterans and family members in chronicling the collective history.


Create an exhaustive archive of documents and information to assist current and future generations in understanding the experiences of 187th Infantry Regiment veterans.


Honor – we are committed to honoring the memory of the soldiers who served, the veterans still with us and upholding the honor of the regiment.


Respect – we are committed to operating in a manner that respects the individual, their memories, their families, and the regiment.


Community – we are committed to getting veterans and family members involved in the project and in connecting with one another.


Professionalism – we are committed to following professional standards regarding non-profit operations, historical research and documentation.



Research and chronicle the history of the 187th Infantry Regiment.

Record oral and written histories of veterans.

Provide public access to collected information.

Assist in keeping 187th Infantry Regiment veterans and their family members in contact and informed of veteran events.

For historical information and pictures on the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment in the Republic of Vietnam from 1967 to 1971, click on "Vietnam Scrapbooks".

For historical information and pictures on the individual companies and soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment in the Republic of South Vietnam, click on "Company Scrapbooks".

Board of Directors



Board President

Bobby Jones

Board Vice-President

Peter C Fraser

Secretary & Treasurer 

Theresa Scheets


Mike Smith

Harv Watson

Ted Mataxis Jr

Beau Brumfield

Larry Kinler

Gene Fischbach

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